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Xentiant’s software and services allow users to easily create powerful interactive apps and connect them with other users, creating virtual communities that let users communicate in real-time, create and share content, and develop interactive experiences spanning multiple screens and devices.

Leveraging Microsoft® technologies such as Azure®, SharePoint®, Skype®, and Yammer®, the Xentiant platform builds upon existing infrastructures to create a customizable “application layer” that can easily be adapted to the needs of individual users, groups, and organizations. Infinitely scalable, the Xentiant platform enables the development of virtual on-line communities where users can access shared content and real-time data, and interact with other community members using mobile devices, desktops, and public-facing displays.

Xentiant was founded by David Wilkins, a serial technology entrepreneur with multiple successful startups under his belt, including VertigoXmedia (sold to Miranda Technologies, subsequently acquired by Belden/Grass Valley), and X2O Media (sold to Barco NV, subsequently acquired by STRATACACHE). Building on his extensive experience in the fields of broadcast television, digital signage, and enterprise visual communications, Mr. Wilkins launched Xentiant with the goal of making it easier for anyone to create their own enterprise-grade cross-platform apps, and share them with friends and colleagues to create on-line communities based on business needs and shared interests.

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